Garbage Balers China

With the enhancement of economic growth and living standards, more and more people around in garbage. In China, more extensive management of garbage, most of the garbage has not been classified and will be landfilled, incinerated or discarded. Landfill will occupy land resources, soil and water pollution, waste incineration will produce large amounts of CO2 and Dioxin, waste pollution problem is getting worse. Solve the garbage problem is the pollution category management garbage, garbage classification. In order to better deal with waste pollution problems, design a series of garbage baler, which can make garbage classification, compression, packing.
Garbage baler can compress cardboard, plastic bottles, cans and other waste and garbage. So, there is a greater use of space. Often used to produce a lot of garbage in places such as marine, industrial, restaurant, community recycling yards, buildings, hospitals, schools, offices, ship, hotels, railway stations, offshore, etc.

trash compactor
Garbage Balers

Meanwhile, the card machine in the garbage compressor has great advantages:

  1. Compress garbage, reduce the volume and reduce the number of garbage clean-up transportation, so directly reduce the cost of removal.
  2.  Automatic cleanup, there will be no mosquitoes, insects and germs.
  3. Operation is very simple flowers, fully automated, do not touch junk removal staff, safe and sanitary.
  4. Has a double sealed structure, completely enclosed garbage inside, completely avoid mosquitoes, flies, rodents and other vectors of breeding to ensure a clean environment and safe.
  5. Mixed general waste processing efficiency of about 5:1.
  6. Can be used anywhere. can use of space effectively.
  7. Removal process is very simple, a person can easily get.
  8. Complete equipment just 10-16 meters, saving a lot of space.

You can buy the right garbage baler according to their actual needs, (manual, semi-automatic) which itself has a great economic benefits:

  • Cut down labor costs.
  • Reduce removal costs.
  • Control muck handling fees.
  • Save footprint.

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How Hasswell Manual Trash Compactor Works?

Here you will know how Hasswell manual trash compactor works.

Manual Trash Compactor

Manual Trash Compactor


1. Prepare the bag and place the bag in the trash compactor chamber.

manual trash compactor chamber

2. Fix the bag over the left side of the chamber.


3. Load the trash to the top of manual trash compactor chamber.



4. Remove the hand wheel through the bag to hold in place.


5. Pull the down sleeve.


6. You wanna stand in front of the trash compactor and use two hands on the wheel to press down the trash to the bottom position.


7. Reverse run the hand wheel to return to the top position.


8. To open the compactor, just unlock the buckle and open the door. Then you can lift the bag.


Waste Recycling Solution for Vessels

For existing vessels it is a common problem that no space inside the ship is available for waste recycling or storage and a high number of people on board just increases the problem. Retrofit is difficult and expensive, as such vessels are often at sea and port visits can be very seldom. In particular special vessels such as Offshore Installation and Construction Vessels among others are candidates for flexible solutions. This is why Hasswell is the right choice.

Hasswell has been developed and designed for waste recycling different kinds of solid wastes in the Marine and Offshore Industries. The BH103 waste compactor & TS308 shredder both will work perfectly alone, but a combination of these two machines will give a unique and flexible system for waste recycling onboard vessels and offshore installations. Such combination will enable further compaction of the shredded & crushed material.

1. BH103 Waste Compactor

BH103 Waste Compactor Specifications:

Model                                                  BH103
Maximum Thrust                          2.5-3 T
Voltage                                               1*110V/60Hz(Optional)
Power                                                 0.75 KW
Control Voltage                             1*110V/60 Hz
Safety Standard                            Stop while opening the door
Oil Cylinder Diameter                63 mm
Stroke                                               600 mm
Machine Size                                  1055*820*1850
Bale Size                                           660*450*750
Bale Weight                                    20-60 KG
Rails                                                   2
Machine Weight                           300 KG
2. TS308 Shredder

TS308 Shredder Specifications
Feeding width:                            300mm
Feeding length                            320mm
Motor:                                            5.5 KW
Rotor speed rpm:                      23/27
Blade thickness:                        10/15/20 mm
Machine Dimension                1280*750*1360 mm
Throughput rating                   200-300kg/hr
Voltage options:                       415V, 50hz, 3 phase
Particle size:                               Approximate 30*30mm.
Net weight:                                 Approximate 600 kg

EPS Compactor CP370 for Waste Polystyrene Recycling

EPS compactor  is a machine to reduce the size of expanded polystyrene foam and expanded polypropylene foam for easier transportation. It is also known as EPS densifier and EPS cold compactor. EPS compactor is widely used in sea food processing plant, electronic factories, white goods and black goods stores, and the supermarkets. EPS compactor makes it profitable for waste polystyrene recycling.

EPS Compactor
EPS Compactor

EPS Compactor CP370 for Waste Polystyrene Recycling Features

  1. Compacted EPS blocks takes-up only 2% to 5% of the original space.
  2. Achieves a density in the range of  400 kg/m³.
  3. Compress log can be easily cut and pile up.
  4. With a pre-crusher for EPS boxes and packaging blocks.
  5. Quiet operation, noise level as low as 76db.
  6. Customization for options of different feed opening, crusher, and alternative power.
  7. Affordable cost for faster return on investment.
  8. Suitable for all use, from small shop to big factory.
  9. It works also with dirty or wet material.

EPS Compactor CP370 for Waste Polystyrene Recycling Technical Parameter

Total Motor power KW14
EPS Volume reduction50:1
Throughput kg/h150-200
Feeding capacity m3/h25-35
Feed inlet size mm960*585
Log dimension mm370*370
Machine weight kg1420
Dimensions mm3150*750*2000

Remark: Complete waste polystyrene recycling line with belt conveyor and canvas silo is also available.

Here you can see how EPS compactor CP370 works.

EPS Compactor CP370 for Waste Polystyrene Recycling

Small Plastic Bottle Crusher

Hasswell specially designed a small plastic bottle crusher for an Italian customer. The blades for the plastic bottle crusher are different and will crush plastic bottles more effectively. As usual,  plastic bottle crusher will crush bottles to 20-30 mm flakes. But the flakes will be smaller (10-15 mm) if equip with a screen.

plastic bottle shredder
Small plastic bottle crusher

Here You Can See How Hasswell Small Plastic Bottle Crusher Works.

plastic bottle crusher